Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Book - Lady of Desire

Lady of Desire by Gaelen Foley
Growing up under the ‘protection’ of five older brothers, the thought of marriage to another man that felt like a brother was out of the question for Lady Jacinda Knight. Running away to France was the only solution that she could come up with, until she ran into trouble, got her money pouch stolen and witnessed a brutal beating and death of a man in the back alleys of London. Finding her hiding in a garbage pile and scared to death, Billy Blade soon realized she was not a normal ‘Jane Smith’ but a lady who didn’t belong in the shadowed alleys with the thieves. Shocked to find out who she was, Billy had no choice but to take her home and admit to her intimidating brothers that he had kissed her, before realizing who she was. Big brother that he was, Lucien informed Billy never to see her again unless he was willing to admit and accept his past and himself as Lord Rackford, William Spencer Albright, the future Marques of Truro.

**** 4 star - Book 4 ….. London 1816, is a very different time, and yet Gaelen Foley has the ability to write these brash, unusual characters that keep with the era, the dignity and the stringent rules of decorum is amazing. I liked Billy Blade from the start (having actually first met him in ‘Lord of Ice’) and was happy that Lady Jacinda had a spunky side to match him. While there are a few fighting scenes and some harsh memories, the bulk of the story revolves around the tough street kid (Billy Blade) dealing with his own self doubt because of his abusive father. Makes for a great character - to show such strength as leader of the street gang and then to show how each of his decisions has effected him since he was a young man. Great to also see Robert (who has the best line in the book - “Ahem. How shall I say?” …..) and a little bit of Lucien and their ladies. I will be looking for the next of the Knight Miscellany (Devil Takes a Bride).

July 6, 2009

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