Saturday, July 18, 2009

Book - A Fool and his Honey

Having a strange day already, Aurora (Roe) Teagarden was not shocked by the appearance of her husband’s (Martin Bartell) niece Regina Graham. The surprise was Regina showing up with a baby nobody knew about. Returning home later that evening, Martin and Roe find Regina gone, her husband (Craig) dead on the steps, her baby (Hayden) under the bed, and their friend (Rory Brown) half passed out on their couch. With so many questions and Rory not giving any answers, Martin and Roe head to Ohio to try to put some of the pieces together.

Book 6 ….. Don’t really understand how the title of the book ties in with the book (they usually do). It is a basic, straight forward - who, what and why mystery. You get the information early on to the what and even to the why, the who comes later but is also fairly easy to spot. That is not to say the whole thing is predictable (although thinking back on it, I should have seen it all coming). Loved the reference to other mystery novel heroes (especially the shot at Stephanie Plum of Janet Evanovich’s number series). Have to admit, I did not like the ending (trying to avoid spoilers here), I am just hoping that Charlaine Harris has a good reason for such a difficult ending. I will just have to get a hold of a copy of the next Teagarden Mystery (Last Scene Alive) to find out. ( )

Jul 18, 2009

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