Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Book - The Duke

The Duke by Gaelen Foley
He, the Duke of Hawkscliffe (Robert Knight) needed to know the truth about how his ladylove died. Thinking it involved foul play, he enlisted the aide of a beautiful and popular courtesan. She, Belinda (Bel) Hamilton had tried everything she could think to remain respectable until her soldier returned, but some plans are forced to take a different path. Looking for a courteous ‘protector’ was difficult, after finding Robert, keeping her heart in tack would be even more difficult to do.

*** 3 star - Book 1 ….. I really wanted to like the ‘paragon’ (Robert) and Bel, he was everything I usually like in a main character, she had lots of tragedy and drama, but something was just off. I couldn’t seem to find that emotional connection to either of the characters. A good basic, predictable historical romance. The best part took forever to get to (the grand gesture) and then it was over. I hope the second book (Lord of Fire) will give us a glimpse of the ‘happy ever after’ as well as give Lord Lucien’s story.

June 11, 2009

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