Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Book - Cherokee Stranger

Cherokee Stranger (Silhouette Desire) by Sheri Whitefeather
Knowing, witnessing and even participating in criminal activities of the mob haunted Reed Blackwood (now known as James Dalton) to the point that he decided to turn himself over to the authorities. He served his time, made his statements and was placed in WITSEC (Witness Security/Protection). During his relocation process, his handler (Zach Ryder) took him to a hotel just outside of his final destination of Silverwolf Idaho. He met the women of his dreams (she resembled his wife) but luckily he would never see her again. The man in the hotel was stunning to Emily Chapman, and she needed a distraction. She had come to the hotel because she didn’t want to drive home after her pre-surgery doctor visit, now that she was back home in Silverwolf, she couldn’t get him out of her mind. The relationship they were forging had hurdles to overcome starting with Emily’s cancer, James’ real name and if love really ever could be enough.

*** 3 star - Not what I expected. Being called ’Cherokee Stranger’, implies more of Indian ties than what was really present, although I liked the bit about the Cherokee incantation written and put in the locket. This is a new writer to me, I will possibly try to find others of her work (that has more to do with my interest in Cherokee Indians in novels than her), I would also expect a ‘Silhouette Desire’ to have a little more in the romance, it has some, but it is not as detailed as I had expected. Overall a short, nice afternoon read.
June 30, 2009

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