Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Young Adult - Awakening

Awakening by K. Lippi
Fifteen year old Emilia (Mia) Miani had finally seen the boy of her dreams (Shin Kurosaki), now with his help she is learning about herself and her ancestors. Believing in the existence of God, Lucifer, angels, vampires, witches and demons was difficult enough, but meeting them, talking to them, dating one of them, or finding out she is something just as different as them is all together another matter. Learning that a death angel has been trying to kill her and that Shin has been her guardian angel by his choice, puts a whole new spin on her growing relationship with him. Accepting her part in keeping the balance of good and evil so that the ‘humans’ are not aware of the supernatural world or get destroyed by it, Mia learns of her own special abilities including what her blood will do to her in the near future.

**** 4 star - Awakening has wonderful characters, their interaction is at times comical with all their teasing of each other, while still showing the serious nature of each relationship, makes for some laugh out loud moments. The story of Mia’s ancestors is woven in as memories of the immortal Shin, with some Japanese mythology to explain what he is, but this part felt rushed. The back story is good, but I wanted more information, an in depth explanation of how and why things were turning out the way they were. A few minor grammatical ‘speed bumps’ along the way slowed the flow of the story, making it necessary to re-read some of the sentences to follow the meaning. Interesting way of ending the book (’….Welcome to your new life‘ - To be continued), I will be watching for a second book, it would be a shame to waste such a dramatic cliff hanger. This book is considered for young adults, the couple of fight scenes are slightly graphic (PG-13 stuff) and the romance between Mia and Shin is tame (even though he is older - by about thousand years), it is a quick and easy read, a decent introduction into the genre of supernatural or paranormal romance for young adults.

July 8, 2009

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