Friday, July 17, 2009

Young Adult - Across the Pond

Left with limited option while his parents took a vacation to Australia, Frederick (Fred) Squire decided to vacation in the United States with his parents friends. Not knowing what to expect Fred started his list (for a school project) right away he found that England and America both spoke English, but sometimes the differences could be embarrassing or it could get you in trouble. With the help of Phil, Julie and their daughter Brittany (Brit), he learned many new words and alternate meanings of some common words. Phil and Julie helped Fred be part of the family, meeting Brits friends helped him feel comfortable in a foreign land, hearing about her enemies made him have a purpose, finding a connection with Brit gave him a chance to feel like Sir Lancelot. The whole vacation was wrapped around Fred’s visit with some fun outings scheduled for the whole family.

A short, sweet and innocent sort of romance (just kissing) between Fred and Brit. Sort of skipped some of the ‘getting to know each other’ stuff. Felt rushed from arrival to big event, to the next big event, would have liked more detail at each of those events. More of the fun at the barbeque, or at the baseball game, even more of the interaction with Brits friends at the Mall. The baseball thing was a great way to really bring out more of the differences between England and America. While I don’t like the idea of Fred fighting and Brit not being honest with her parents (coming from a parents point of view here), I am encouraged by her telling someone she trusted and that he was someone who wanted to protect the girls, do the right thing even if it could have been handled differently (kind of a moral to the story type of a thing). These are good characters that I would have enjoyed getting to know better, but for a pre-teen or early teen type of book it doesn’t get bogged down with a bunch of unimportant information which could be good. Everything is important to those of this age and this book reflects that. Really enjoyed the ending (no spoilers here), it is a little predictable (got to know Fred well enough for that) but still makes a good point. It is left open for more, Fred’s return to America or Brit venturing to England, a good adventure for the pair would be nice to see. ( )
Jul 17, 2009


Storyheart said...

Debbie, the next book is underway and yes, Brit is going to visit Fred in England and see all the issues that an American can come up against there compared to Fred in the US.

Thank you for your kind review


Debbie said...

Great to know, thanks for stopping by.