Sunday, May 3, 2009

Book - Summer on Blossom Street

Summer On Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber
As the owner of A Good Yarn, Lydia Goetz knows most of the people that live or work on Blossom Street. It is not surpising that the interest was there for another knitting class. Knit to Quit was just what Phoebe Rylander was looking for, anything that would help her get over the horrible way her ex-fiance has betrayed her trust ... again. As for Alix Turner, she and her husband, Jordan, wanted to start a family, but after all the stress of getting married, Alix had started smoking again. Then the man that had signed up for the class walked in, Bryan "Hutch" Hutchinson had taken over the family business after the unforseen death of his father and now had the high blood pressure and stress that went with the job. His doctor had recommended he learned how to knit, now that he had been to see the class, he was glad he did. Lydia's own situation was a little closer to home, wanting to adopt a baby, her and husband Brad decided to foster a 12 year-old for a couple of days, which turned into more. All the while Anne Marie Roche, the owner of Blossom Street Books, was enjoying her and her adopted daughters (Ellen) summer vacation, a handsome man (Tim Carlsen) had been looking for them. His interest leaned more towards Ellen, and the reason was made clear that he wanted to know if he was more family to Ellen then Anne Marie was, biologically if not legally.

****4 - Book 5 ..... What a lovely home coming that was, to find all my old friends on Blossom Street and all doing so well. I really enjoyed meeting the new characters, from Casey and Tim to Phoebe and Hutch. I enjoyed reading about the newest of Lydia's classes and the return of so many of the former characters was the best. So much of this book isn't wrapped around the yarn store or the class, but everyone involved has something to do with each other. The feeling of belonging, how to find it and the desire for it is all over this one. Some of Anne Marie's story surprised me, but in the end it seems to have almost been workded out.

May 3, 2009

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