Friday, May 1, 2009

Book - The Italian's Suitable Wife

The Italian's Suitable Wife: Italian Husbands (Harlequin Presents)… by Lucy Monroe
A tragic accident put Enrico (Rico) DiRinaldi into a coma. His brother had no way of contacting their parents, and it would take Andre DiRinaldi many hours to reach him. Calling long time family friend Gianna (Gia) Lakewood was the easiest way to make sure someone was with Rico in the hospital. Gia never waited to find out what had happened, she heard that Rico was in need so she jumped in her car and made the 2 hour drive to New York as quick as she could. Finding out that Rico's fiancé had only stayed for a short time angered her, Gia was determined to stay by his side till he woke from his coma. For 5 long days, Gia held his hand and encouraged him to return, she spoke of her love for him and knowing that once he woke he would want his beautiful super-model fiancé instead of her made no difference, she loved him enough to want him to wake up anyway. After waking to find that his fiancé was not the person he needed most, Rico asked Gia to marry him, she had always loved him so Gia couldn't say no. The reason for the marriage is what Gia was questioning.

*** 3 - The innocence of Gia is so heartwarming, it was easy to connect with her. The whole family was easy to connect with, even Rico - after he dumped the super-model. I enjoyed having a villain in this one that was so easy to hate. The pride of Rico, the break down of that pride for the woman he married and the realistic effect that things said and done had on Gia were great. The sorrow, longing and even the acceptance she felt for and around Rico were well done - not teary eyed over it, but I could feel it.

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May 1, 2009

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