Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book - The Hollow

The Hollow (Sing of Seven) by Nora Roberts
The time of their shared birthday was nearing (July 7, 1977) and each of them hoped that this would be the one that would end the nightmares that Caleb Hawkins, Fox O'Dell and Gage Turner had been living every 7 years for 7 days since they had made a blood brother pack on their 10th birthday out at the Pagan Stone. Now with the help of Quinn Black (reporter & Cal's fiance), Layla Darnell, and Cybil Kinski (a paranormal researcher) they may finally find the direction that they needed to stop this evil that has been terrorized Hawkins Hollow for 20 years. After finding a diary of a distant ancestor of the boys (Cal, Fox and Gage), the girls (Quinn, Layla and Cybil) believe that the clues to defeating this evil could come from her but with only the one diary it wasn't enough. The search takes the group to find more diaries and then using the information, mixed with speculations, they return to the Pagan stone to in the hopes of gaining even more information or tools to help them defeat this evil and who has been a part of each of their lives for longer than they knew.

****4 - Book 2 .... The characters are great, as with most of Nora Roberts series. The different aspects of each one of these six gives the reader the chance to connect with each of them together as a team, as couples and as individuals. The spook end is minor but the relationships make up for it. It is a supernatural experience that they are going through and that is sometimes hard to pull of without being on the edge of horror. This one is more mystery, suspense and romance. With the pairing of the six in a natural order. Quinn is still a whirlwind, Layla is a bit more timid than the rest and Cybil, she is leaving me wanting to know more (always a good sign for a series). I am eager to see Gage and Cybils' story, and the conclusion of this trilogy with "The Pagan Stone"

May 7, 2009

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