Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Book - Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven) by Nora Roberts
Sharing a birthday (July 7, 1977) made it for a natural fit, Caleb Hawkins, Fox O'Dell and Gage Turner became the best of friends. On their 10th birthday, they decided to celebrates the way boys do. A camping trip out at the clearing called Pagan Stone, they drank the beer Gage stole from his dad, ate the Little Debbie cakes Fox bought at the store and drank the lemonade that Cal's mom had packed. At midnight they decided to become blood brothers. After their pack was made, the words were spoken and the blood was mixed, something evil seemed to be released out of the stone like altar and nothing was ever the same again. Every 7 years, for 7 days the little town of Hawkins Hollow is terrorized by this evil and now after about 20 years, with the help of Quinn Black (a reporter of the strange and unusual), Layla Darnell (who was strangely drawn to Hawkins Hollow) and Cybil Kinski (Quinn convinced her to come) they might find a way to stop it all. The combination of psychic sensitivities, visions or dreams of the past and the information gained from their ancestors might give them a clue to how to putting the pieces together again.

**** 4 - Book 1 - Heavy, heavy into character creation. That is one of the best parts of a trilogy, more than half of this book is just about setting up the story and the characters. Once you get to know the who and the what, the story can play out all that much better. Cal is a wonderfully responsible yet easy person to really enjoy. Quinn is a handful, she is like a whirlwind in and around everyone and everything, they make the perfect connection (hope I didn't give too much away). These characters are easy to care about and the situation is obviously just getting started. The slight hint of supernatural gives it a little twist that makes it more than just a thriller romance. The who and the what is set, now lets see more in the next book of this "Sign of 7" trilogy (The Hollow)

May 5, 2009

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