Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Book - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich
Having just met the small town of Williamsburg’s new pediatrician (Dr. Patrick Hunter) with the corky sense of humor, Megan Murphy was stunned that a young girl would assume she was his wife and drop a baby (Timmy) off. Deciding to give the young women a few days to come back, Megan ‘agreed’ to help take care of the child. Patrick was surprised at how quickly he became attached to Megan and Timmy. The more he thought about it, her realized that he was not in the position to take a wife, and child on, no matter what his or her parents thought of the idea during their joint Thanksgiving Day. She had already turned his joking proposals down, maybe she was right but Patrick could not let her ex have her back.

Janet Evanovich has a way of making it all so much fun. From the first time the bunny rabbit nibbled on Megan’s skirt to the last proposal (there were several), this was a fun and lighthearted story even through the few serious moments for them and the poor horse. A quick and enjoyable read, better than a dart in your backside if you know what I mean (it‘s in the book). This is an older story, it was originally published in 1988 but is part of Janet Evanovich’s re-releases, bringing happy reading to a new generation.

Apr 7, 2009
* * A little out of season, but how could I pass up a fun and easy read when it finally got to the library shelf. I have a few that I look for on a regular basis and after waiting, it finally appeared. This book takes place throughout November and on in to December with it's cold weather and the feel of a fireplace going. A few nice distractions from more serious things going on in the world. Isn't that what most fiction and specifically Romantic Comedy is written for - as a distraction.

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