Monday, April 6, 2009

Young Adult - The Lost Queen

The Faerie Path #2: The Lost Queen: Book Two of The Faerie Path… by Frewin Jones
After finally realizing that she was Princess from the Realm of Faerie, Princess Tania (Anita Palmer) went back to London in search of their mother, Queen Titania. The gift of being able to walk between worlds allowed Tania to search for the Queen and still be a part of some of the festivities that the Realm of Faerie has, until one night, all of a sudden she is no longer able to make the pass back to Faerie. Surprising her even more, three of her Princess sisters suddenly appear in her Mortal World bedroom telling tales of the disaster that has fallen on Faerie. Now only with the help of their long lost mother will they be able to return to Faerie and save the other sisters and their father, King Oberon.

** 2 Book 2 ..... I really enjoyed Faerie Path (the first book), this one should have been all about finding the mother, Queen Titania. It was very slow and the set up for the discovery of the Queen finally started and then I was let down more than once. The little action that is in the book is all in the last 25 - 50 pages and just when it actually started to get my attention, it was over. This whole book is just a set up, a background, a bridge between book one and book three. I am really hoping that The Sorcerer King (also published as 'The Seventh Daughter') has all the kick and fight that this one was lacking. Honestly, this 'bridge' did not need to be 335 pages, it could have been told in and extra 50 pages in one of the other two books. Some of it may turn out to be important to know in the next book, but I doubt it.

Apr 6, 2009

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