Thursday, April 2, 2009

Book - The Host

The Host: A Novel by Stephenie Meyer
The Seekers wanted to use the newest Host (Melanie Stryder) to insert an experienced Sole (Wanderer) so that they could get information on the humans that were remaining. The transition for host and sole did not go as usual, Melanie put up memory blocks that Wanderer was not use to. Finally finding the secrets that Melanie tried hard to keep, Wanderer began to understand her resistance. They worked together to find Melanie’s family, then again to try and convince everyone to believe them.

*****5 I had enjoyed the Twilight Saga, this one had mixed reviews, I needed to read it for myself. This is labeled as an adult science fiction, it was mild, not much action, gore, shock, romance, or mystery. The storyline was slow to start and predictable, there is a lot of characters and it is all simply written. All that is not negative in this case. The mild representation of the ‘body snatchers’ left this chick-lit version open to be about the wonderfully created characters and their emotional battles. It drew me into the characters so much, anger at Jared or Melanie, crying for Ian or Wanda. I could not put it down, and a bonus for me, I grew up in Tucson, I know the area and the visualization for me was so intense I could feel the heat on my skin, it was like going home.

Apr 2, 2009

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