Saturday, April 18, 2009

Book - The Greek Tycoon's Secret Child

The Greek Tycoon's Secret Child by Cathy Williams
Walking into a relationship with the expectations laid out in front of you is what both Matilda (Mattie) Hayes and Dominic Drecos needed after their most recent failures. The whole routine of finding out about each other, Mattie’s desire to better herself even in the face of pessimisms, Dominic’s controlling temperament and always getting what he wants. Then finding a way to make them both comfortable with the situation, that was the only thing either of them were really considering. Then Mattie found out about how much Dominic had really done to help her along in her career. Now the only thing they both were clinging to was that original set of expectations. They had both agreed to them, now they were both wanting to change the rules, but could they?

Have to say, it was a typical and enjoyable Harlequin Romance. The characters were well developed and I could feel for both of their positions, the plot was a simple, rich man wants poor women, how they get together and the communication problems of prideful people, that is the story. No real action, moderate love scenes, very enjoyable afternoon read. The title gives too much away, it almost spoils the ending because you know it is coming. Maybe Greek Tycoon’s Lover, less of a spoiler - ah well, it was a nice quick read anyways.
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