Friday, March 6, 2009

Movie - Vantage Point 2007

A peace Summit in Spain, a Presidential assassination. Follow several peoples steps and each of their perspectives starting at 11:59 am. Just before the assassination through to the bombing in the square, find the reaction of the News crew (Sigourney Weaver), Secret Service agents (Dennis Quaid & Matthew Fox), see every step they took. Some witnesses (Forrest Whitaker) to the terror attacks give clues to the who and why, but then assassins themselves have a turn, following them all the way to the conclusion and the subsequent cover up to explain the incident.

****4 - Very cool, I was unprepared for this one, not expecting to see the big event to happen in the first 5 minutes, then again, again, and again. The redo from all the different perspectives was such a great idea, they pulled it off well also. I had fun not only watching the story, trying to figure out who dunnit, but also looking for the interactions and the reason for things. The best part is figuring out what Dennis Quaid’s character sees and hears and does that leads to the conclusion.

Feb 24, 2009

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