Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - The Return of Chase Cordell

Return Of Chase Cordell (Harlequin Historical #348)… by Linda Castle
Coming home from the Civil War, injured and without any memory of himself, his wife or is life, Major Chase Cordell decided it would be better not to let anyone know about his loss. Hoping he could piece his life back together by watching and reading past issues of the ‘Gazette’ (the newspaper he owned and wrote for), Chase bided his time, but the one person her could not fool would be his wife (Linese Beaufort Cordell), so avoidance seemed the best coarse of action. The two years of waiting was finally over, her husband was coming home to her, but how would he react if he found out what she had been doing in his absence? All Linese wanted and expected changed when she began to get to know the post War Chase.

****4 - This book really is a standard Historical Romance, nothing super great about the writing or even the characters. But I really enjoy this one. I have read it several times, it is one of the first books that I was able to read straight through in under a month (back in 1997), so I think it sort of has a sentimental quality that makes it a better story to me than to others (so the slightly higher rating). The plot line and the ending is predictable, the characters are good but like so many others they are difficult to get completely invested in. Like I said, just a standard Historical Romance set during the American Civil War.

Mar 4, 2009

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