Saturday, March 21, 2009

Young Adult - A Recipe 4 Robbery

A Recipe for Robbery by Marybeth Kelsey
First she (Lindy Phillips) finds out that she wont be able to attend Summer Band Camp with her friend (Margaret). Next her mother expects her to eat Mrs. Unger’s (Granny Goose) green slime she calls ‘stewed cucumbers’. After finally convincing her stomach to take a bite, she finds a gold and ruby heart locket. Lindy, Margaret and the saxophone player Gus Kinnard are sure Granny Goose did not steal the locket, they new about the Heirloom robberies and the reward, that would be enough to get Lindy to Band camp, all they had to do was figure out who really stole all the loot, and who was trying to set up Granny Goose.

***3 - Quick, easy, a fun who-dun-it crime to solve, Kid style. These pre-teens take on the job of trying to figure out a grown-up problem (every pre-teens dream), who stole the jewelry and why were the pieces that they found, where they found them. This is actually a fairly realistic possibility, the characters are all developed enough to get me attached to them and the differences in each of them is well thought out and believable, like most smart-alac pre-teens that know more now than they will at age 30. Written from Lindy’s point of view, this is fun (but not laugh out loud funny), it has suspense (not really edge of your seat), it has a bully (the Cucumber Princess) and it even has a goose named Pickle. This is an Advance Reader Copy from Harper Collins Children, due to be published in May 2009

Mar 21, 2009

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