Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Marrying the Captain

Marrying The Captain (Harlequin Historical Series #928)… by Carla Kelly
Being a sea Captain, Oliver Worthy knew his responsibilities to his country, his crew and himself and he never had a port to call home. When Viscount Ratliffe of the Admiralty asked him to send a report of his daughters welfare, some thing in the Captain gave him reservations so he proceeded with caution. It was easy to find Eleanor ‘Nana’ Massie, everyone in the town of Plymouth admired her. The Mulberry wasn’t the nicest of Inns, but he thought it best to slightly mislead the Viscount.

****4 - Harlequin Historicals have always been one of my favorite genres, this one is no exception. The emotions of this one got to me with the gentleness and ease that the two characters had with each other. I really enjoyed the slow progression of the love match. Not much in the way of action or adventure (a little but not a lot). The history lesson on Bonaparte was fun, but the calm consistency and gentle flow of the story kept me reading.

Feb 6, 2009

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