Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Young Adult - The Magic Thief

The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas
Making a living on the Twilight side of Wellmet, Connwaer (Conn) was commonly referred to as a gutter boy with quick hands as a pick pocket and a lock pick. Picking the pocket of the wizard Nevery Flinglas should have left him dead, but instead it left Nevery interested in why his locus magicalicus (wizards magical stone) had not hurt the street boy. Knowing the magic of Wellmet was declining, Nevery was asked to find the cause and help to solve the problem. Taking Conn on as an apprentice probably wouldn’t help, but since Conn showed some connection to magic, it shouldn’t hurt.

****4 Book 1.…. Fun and fast to read. Deceptively large in size (411 pages), odd size and large print, makes it easy to read. Written from Conn’s point of view with a few letters/journal entries from Nevery. Fun wizardry stuff and great descriptions of the people and places. This is a great book for that middle age, not quite old enough for Harry Potter but ready for longer, more detailed story. Really enjoyed the addition of the Runic alphabet and the occasional cryptic message that Conn left for Nevery on his journal notes. Really looking forward to Book 2 (this is suppose to be a trilogy) to see what Conn‘s next great adventure in Wellmet will be.

Mar 25, 2009

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