Sunday, March 29, 2009

Young Adult - The Magic Thief: Lost

The Magic Thief: Lost by Sarah Prineas
The magic had been returned to Wellmet, but the wizard Nevery Flinglas discovered that it was still low. While Connawaer (gutter boy turned wizard‘s apprentice) spent his time searching for a new locus magicalicus (wizards magical stone), both the Sunrise and the Twilight side of Wellmet were being terrorized by the dark cloaked ‘Shadowmen’ who were turning anybody found out in the dark to stone. During Conn’s attempts to speak to the magic, he was led to believe that he should travel to Desh to find the answers to the problems of the cities magic, but would he be allowed to return to the city that has protected him all his life?

****4 Book 2 ….. So glad I read book 1 before I started this one, this is not really a stand alone story. Like book 1, this is deceptively large (almost 400 pages), odd shape and large print, but it is fun and fast to read. Told from Conn’s point of view with the exceptions of letters from Nevery and journal entries of Rowan’s, those were fun to read and a great way to include another ‘voice‘ to the story telling. These are great characters and as we get to know them better, they just keep getting better. The connections of Conn with Nevery, Rowan, Kerrn and Benet just keep getting better. This is not the end of this series, we are still left with a dilemma that needs to be resolved, and more trouble for Conn to get into. I can only hope that Book 3 is not far behind. What a fun adventure for kids age 10 and up and up and up. I got this book as part of the early reviewer program at HarperCollins kids, it is not due to be released till May 2009.

Mar 29, 2009

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