Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Childrens - Junie B. Jones #25

My daughter brought this one home for Spring Break, I was between books and wanted to see what she has been reading about.....

Christmas parties are one of the most anticipated events of First Grade, and when Room One got the chance to see the toys and stuff availale at the gift shop, Junie B. wanted the Burb-a-Bag more than anything else in the world. She knew five dollars was a lot and she would have to do some figuring to be able to come up with the money for it. Then the problem was coming up with something to give as Secret Santa, she got May's name. The worst person to have to give something to. Maybe Santa had the right idea, give a piece of coal to the children that are mean.

A good lesson in friendship can be seen in the end of this one. Taking the time to be nice to one another helped them to actually have a good Christmas party, they even shared - but only for a minute.

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