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Book - Hot Blooded (an anthology)

Hot Blooded by Christine Feehan
(***** 4) An anthology of 4 short stories, gets 4 short reviews from me. I liked this one, for me it had 2 authors I am familiar with and 2 I had never read before (but will in the future).

Dark Hunger (Carpathians - Dark series, book 14) by Christine Feehan Chained to a wall by the humans, caught in a trap surely set by a master vampire, Riordan De La Cruz was running out hope until he felt her coming into the room. Witnessing the men take more wild animals into the new research building, Juliette Sangria and her sister Jasmine needed to save the animals before they were tortured, finding not only animals but a man, nearly broke her heart. Binding themselves together meant one big family.

(****4) Book 14 ….. Short stories are so difficult, it always feels so rushed and incomplete. I like the jaguar species and the connection they make to the Carpathians, Juliette’s simple acceptance of was good but Riordan’s compassion for Jasmine’s situation is what made him the best part of this story. Large cast of characters (brothers Zacarias, Manolito, Nicolas and Rafael as well as sister Jasmine and cousin Solange) for a short story, hopefully we will see more of all of them as the series progresses.

Awaiting Moonrise by Maggie Shayne Taking a research trip to New Orleans, Professor Jenny Rose from Dunkirk University was wanting to use her expertise as a cryptozoologist to prove that werewolves don’t exist, it is just a previously not discovered species of animals. After finding what could be the animal she has been looking for and being scratched by it, she met the local Doctor. The attraction Dr. Samuel La Roque had to Jenny was instantaneous and unavoidable. He had his secrets and she was going to find them, and then what would they both do?

(****4) Under 100 pages, this is a great story with some wonderful characters. It did feel like it was lacking because of how short it was. Their encounters are intense, but the reaction seemed more than what was warranted, almost like we only saw part of it. I liked the ‘bad guy’ not really wanting to track the werewolf for any normal reasons. The addition of the Voudon priestess, Mamma Louisa, gave a bit of flavor to the story and a great ending.

The Night Owl (Midnight series, book 1) by Emma Holly Owning the bakery was all Mariann O’Faolain had really ever wanted to do. Finally after the ex-husband and the ex-partner were out of her life, she could start over and do what made her happy. Needing a connection to the people around him, Bastien Luce and his ‘cousin’ Emile started renovating the Night Owl Inn. Finding a different kind of connection with Mariann might be more difficult for him, but he knew he would find a way to make it forever.

(****4) New author for me, one that I really enjoyed and will look for more from. Little bit of a different take on a common storyline. The back story of the characters was well written and easy to follow, the characters themselves were wonderful. Bastien’s shyness was endearing from the beginning and I could have read more about him and Emile’s strange view of life made for an easy camaraderie between the two… and then all three of them. As always, I like learning a new words (one at a time), upyr - from Hungarian and Slavonic folklore.

Seduction’s Gift (Mageverse, book 8) by Angela Knight Sheriff Officer Grace Morgan liked her job, she liked protecting and helping people even if she already knew that there was more to life than just the earthy universe. Catching a speeding car, Lance (Lancelot du Lac) looked up at her and her heart dropped, she thought she had squashed that crush long ago but seeing him now made her unsure of everything but the need to not give in to her desires for him. Knowing that he had the power of the Mageverse behind him, Grace fought her growing needs as long as she could.

(***3) Different, interesting, strange - really enjoyed the concept of the story (King Arthur, his round table, and Merlin) and the characters (Lancelot, Grace and Morgana) were fabulous. Too rushed for my taste (maybe because it is a short story), felt as if the story was an excuse for the sex scenes, I would have rather had a story I didn’t care about and have the sex be the story or invest more into the great story and let the sex just enhance it. This story could have been the best story of the book, it could have been a really great story, unfortunately it was crammed into about 100 pages and lost so much. I would be interested in reading this author again (full length book please).

Jan 2, 2009

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