Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Foul Play

Foul Play by Janet Evanovich
Love at first site, in a grocery store parking lot? Jacob Elliott was pretty sure he was hooked after the first site of Amy Klasse in all her klutzy ways like tearing her dress, dropping the eggs, forgetting her purse and locking her keys in her car. The store cashiers and customers all agreed that the local veterinarian was the type that any women would love to make dinner for, but Amy didn’t know if she could trust herself, he made her ‘tingle’ just being so close. What a day, she had lost her job, to Rhode Island Red a rooster that could dance, than all her problems at the store and now Jake in her house making her forget how to make a meatball. Who knew that rooster would show up in Jakes office, then go missing. Jake just wanted to protect Amy, everyone seemed to want to blame her for the roosters disappearance, but it was his office, he needed to know what happened to that rooster for so many reasons.

This is a cute, quick and easy story. The characters are not complex, it has some funny lines that are a hoot. Jake is a determined man which is nice but I didn’t like how Amy lost her good spirit in the end, she ran away, a bit disappointing. The ending was abrupt and felt a little lacking, the conversation basically never happened and I felt it needed a bit more closure. For a quick, fun, cute, mellow, relaxing read, this one would do it with a bit of love, a little mystery and several laughs to entertain the afternoon away. Published under Steffie Hall in 1989.

Nov 28, 2008

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