Sunday, March 8, 2009

Book - Fast Women

Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie
Divorced and frustrated with life, Nell Dysart took a job at McKenna Investigations. The whirlwind cleaning and remodeling that Nell undertook was changing everything in Gabe McKenna’s office and everything in his life. Her discovery of a document from the 70’s sparked an interest in old cases that connected Nell, through her in-laws to Gabe and his father (Patrick), leaving them with the mystery of two missing persons, and an apparent suicide that seemed to all be connected. Along with Riley (Gabe’s partner and cousin) and Suze (Nell’s fellow Dysart wife and best friend), they all searched for the answers to the questions the past had brought to life again.

**** 4 - Good characters, followed for several months and several changes in life as well as love. The fact that these families are all so intertwined and connected in the end was predictable but fun to get to anyway. The mystery of who and why these things are happening now and what they have in connection to the past was pretty good, and the china obsession was different, in a fun way.

Mar 8, 2009

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