Friday, March 6, 2009

Youth Fiction - Emmaline and the Bunny

Emmaline and the Bunny by Katherine Hannigan
After seeing a bunny on TV and in her books, Emmaline knew that a bunny could make her not so lonely. Living in Neatasapin was going to make it difficult, the mean Mayor Orson Oliphant had banished everything that made a mess, including animals. Emmaline knew what bunnies liked to do, hop around trees and shrubs, dig in the dirt and cuddle, she wanted to do it with them. Knowing she wouldn’t get a bunny in Neatasapin because her parents observed all the rules, including no trees, no shrubs and no digging in the dirt, she followed the wild animals to Untidy were she found her bunny, they hopped, they dug and they cuddled till it was time for Emmaline to go home sad that her bunny could not come with her. Her parents saw the change in her and decided to help her invite the animals back no matter Mayor Oliphant’s proclamations.

My kids and I really enjoyed this book, nearly 100 pages, cute story and great pictures also by Katherine Hannigan. Better read to children, the words are easy enough for even a 2nd -3rd grader to read, but the flow was difficult to carry. Some of the lines ended, “mostly” and she called her bunny “no more only”, she also had some tongue twisting fun words “Dinglederrydee” , “Whackadoodlewhipperpoo” or “Hoopadinglelaladee”. Several parts of this story would be easy to turn into discussion points, most obvious is the responsibilities of taking care of a pet, and how changing the environment (like removing trees, shrubs and dirt) can effect the different animals we live with. Always have to enjoy a book that can teach important lessons and the kids don’t even realize it. This is a HarperCollins Children’s advance reading copy, this book should be available March 2009.

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