Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Dark Secret

Dark Secret (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 15)… by Christine Feehan
The wealthy, high and mighty De La Cruz brothers (Nicolas and Rafael) had come to the Cascade Mountains to take her brother and sister (Paul and Ginny) away from her (Colby Jansen ) and into the hands of the Chevez family. Even if they were their fathers family, she didn’t want to relinquish control and allow them to be taken to Brazil and away form the only life any of them had ever know. After Nicolas’ failed attempt to persuade Colby, Rafael was determined to gain her cooperation, as soon as he saw her working in the coral, his reason for persuading her changed. The colors and emotions hit him as he watched her work, realizing the danger around her he began to wonder which would be the more difficult battle, the one with the vampire or the one for Colby’s heart and acceptance.

Book 15.…. (***** 5) A lot of the same characteristics as most of the other Carpathian books, the fight for Colby’s heart was much more strained. The resistance Colby showed was odd, some of the pages were awkward in the reading. Any lacking was more than made up for in the action and fight with the vampire. Rafael never said he was a gentle man, the emotions were so well written for this character, the anger and constant fight jumped off the pages. Loved the inclusion of Natalya Shonski, Vikirnoff Von Shrieder, the blanket from Francesca, as well as the mention of so many other characters that we have come to know so well.

Jan 4, 2009

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