Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Dark Possession

Dark Possession (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 18) by Christine Feehan… by Christine Feehan
After being wounded at the Carpathian Christmas party, Manolito De La Cruz was taken back to his home in the South American forest. He had found his lifemate, the one person that could save his soul, but upon his rising the confusion he felt left him with wholes as to who she was and why she was not there with him. For some reason, MaryAnn Delaney felt the death of Manolito, she had never even been formally introduced to him, but she felt connected to him and could not shake the sorrow of his death until she felt him rise and in need of her. The strange confusion had Manolito not being able to trust even his own brothers, only his lifemate could help him, MaryAnn was drawn to find and help him even when that meant entering into the unknown for a man she didn’t know.

Book 18 ….. (***** 5) This one is different, leaving Manolito confused allowed a different kind of strength to show through. The addition of ‘the land of mists and ghosts’ with everything and everyone that is included there was so much of a different look at the dead and where they go, what a great way to add certain characters to help Manolito. Great getting better acquainted with Solange and Jasmine, along with Luiz. I really enjoyed this twist and the addition of another species, kind of predictable but a fun reveal and a completely engrossing story, couldn‘t put it down. Bonus: deleted scenes included, I think the plain ride one should have been a prologue. This book is great, ranked right up there with Dark Prince as my favorites.

Jan 13, 2009

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