Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Dark Magic

Dark Magic (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 4)… by Christine Feehan
The Dark One, Gregori knew his time was running short and he needed a lifemate. He believed he had the power to force the daughter of the Prince to become his lifemate but when she asked for a few years of freedom, he could do nothing else but let her go. Savannah Dubrinski may have been the daughter of a powerful ancient, she knows the basics about being Carpathian, but she never really understood the life of the male Carpathian until Gregori, the most scary of all males, claimed he could wait no longer before claiming her as his lifemate. Spending time with the humans in America had given Savannah a new way of life that she enjoyed the problem was if she could find a way to get her way mix with his way to make them both happy.

Book 4 ….. Back to the basics, this is almost as good as ‘Dark Prince’. I love the ancients, they are strong, set in their ways, and knowledgeable. Watching them go from cold and dark to the warm light, is always interesting. Gregori specifically, he had given Mikhail and Aidan such a rough time about controlling their lifemates, I found myself laughing at him in all his frustrations. I normally like to see other Carpathians in the story, but this one doesn’t have anyone else, they talked about Julian (set up for the next book I think) but I was ok with it just being Gregori and Savannah and their human friends like Gary. I hope that just because Gregori has his lifemate, doesn’t mean we wont see him again, he is and has been one of my favorites, his stern ways, his certainty of right and wrong.
Nov 28, 2008

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