Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Dark Legend

Dark Legend (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 8)… by Christine Feehan
Evading vampires, Carpathians and human hunters for so many centuries, Francesca Del Ponce was amazed that the one male she wanted to avoid the most walked out of the darkness and into her arms. Hunger was such a strong feeling as Gabriel emerged from his disturbed rest only to find one of the most healing souls he had ever run across. As soon as Francesca realized who was with her, her lifemate, she knew what would happen, offering her life for his seemed her only option to save him, and herself. The strength of these two ancients should be enough to defeat any enemy, but could either of them destroy Gabriel’s twin brother, Lucian, the most powerful of all the hunters known to the Carpathians, and save the human girl that had captured all three of their attentions.

Book 8 ….. The legend come to life, we have heard a couple of stories about these powerful twins in several other books, it is wonderful to finally meet them. It is amazing how much more gentle Gabriel is, considering where he has been for nearly 2 centuries. It is also fun to watch him learn about ‘contraptions’ and the computer. I loved the ending, expected it, but still absolutely loved it (no spoiler here). I liked the references to Gregori, Aidan and Julian, especially the memory of Julian’s dark touch, it really brings the books together. The depth of the characters are so great because of the continuing line, it makes it hard to recommend as a stand alone story, but a wonderful paranormal series.

Dec 15, 2008

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