Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Dark Guardian

Dark Guardian (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 9)… by Christine Feehan
The power that Lucian Daratrazanoff could wield was immense, but the power he came by naturally did not help him find the one thing that could make is existence more tolerable. Finding a lifemate was not the difficult part of his newest challenge, it was to convince a human women to become a part of a new existence. Running most of her life from a monster, Jaxon Montgomery was not prepared to find out just what kind of evil creatures really were a part of her world, she had the street smart and special training to survive on her own, she would never be able to really depend on someone else for her safety, or let them try to take care of themselves without her help. Finding that each had a special gift for seeking out the monsters (human and vampire alike), they might be able to strike a balance between the two that allows Jaxx her own way to protect and serve while Lucian still follows his way of dispensing justice.

Book 9.…. Amazing how a cookie-cutter series can have such diversity. These stories have given us several powerful ancient Carpathian men and a few human women, all have been the same basic concept that she needs to be converted. The how is the fun part, this one is no different in the story, but the most powerful (to date) ended up being the most gentle, the most compassionate and the most accommodating to his lifemates feelings and wishes. I liked that Lucian had worries of her recriminations over what he had done, but I also liked that he admitted his error in judgment, had to be tough on his ego. These are all such fabulous characters and as always it was nice to hear of some of the others, Gabriel and Francesca, even the Savage twins are mentioned several times. I would have enjoyed more interaction between Jaxx and Gabriel, just because they are the two most important people in Lucian’s life.

Dec 18, 2008

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