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Book - Dark Dreamers

Dark Dreamers by Christine Feehan
Dark Dream (Carpathians - Dark series, book 7) by Christine Feehan Witnessing a vampires evil, the being hunted by that vampire for 15 years, left Sara Marten more aware than most humans of what can be. Having her own dark angel to help her through the traumatic events in her life even if it was just an image to hold in her mind, words to hold in her heart, she was able to eluded that evil. The words had been written centuries ago, Falcon never realized they had the power to help anyone but himself. Finding each other would call the ancient vampire to them both, leaving everyone around them in danger.

Book 7.…. Slightly shorter story then normal, but lacking in nothing. Nice to see a gentler Carpathian man, he let her make the chooses, she made them freely and without hesitation. Exciting to meet an ancient older than Mikhail, to revisit him, Raven, Jacques, Shea and the Carpathian Mountains.

A Dream of Stone & Shadow (Dirk & Steele series) by Marjorie M. Liu Being a pre-cog for the Dirk & Steele agency, Aggie Durand saw some of the most evil of the world. Concentrating on saving children from the worst horrors, she found herself being drawn to a little girl that had a guardian angel of sorts. Charlie had never thought about anyone or anything but protecting his own identity, until he heard the call of the little girl trapped in a basement, even though he was trapped himself, he knew he had to find a way, a person to help the girl, even if he had to die to do it.

Book 4 …..The girls story was hard to read (physical, sexual and emotional abuse), but if you can get through that, the romance of a pre-cog and a gargoyle is interesting. I have never read anything like this story, it took me a while to understand what Charlie was, the beginning of the story was very confusing but after I started to get the concept of Charlie’s situation, I was much more able to understand the beginning section. The added mythical creatures of demons, shape-shifters as well as gargoyles and all the psychics made for a very diverse group of characters. I personally could have used a little more character development, but for a short story the main characters were enough, the link between Agatha and Charlie was great. I am really interested in finding more from this author (like maybe more of her Dirk & Steele series).

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