Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Dark Destiny

Dark Destiny (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 13)… by Christine Feehan
The pain of conversion to Carpathians is difficult enough for the women, but a child being converted by a vampire leaves tainted blood and horrible scars, inside and outside. At the a young age, Destiny knew horrors most humans can’t even imagine, the only way she survived was her mental connection to Nicolae Von Shrieder. He taught her how to survive, how to hunt and how to live again even though he could not find her. Being connected allowed him to help, but Nicolae couldn’t protect her they way he wanted and he couldn’t convince her that he was different from the monster that had terrorized her for so long. When he finally tracked her down, Destiny was afraid she would have to destroy him like she did all the other vampires she hunted. When Nicolae first heard her voice, he knew she was his lifemate and he was going to have a difficult life, no one had ever heard of a women hunter, or one of the light having vampire blood making her feel like the dark one.

Book 13 ….. Strong, courageous and funny, Destiny is a very competent women and hunter. The more ancient these men get, the more compassionate they seem to be. Nicolae has such great control of himself and Destiny is such a well developed character, I really enjoyed watching the change (almost like another conversion) from the vampire world to the life of a Carpathian. This book is packed full of great characters. The addition of Gregori, Savannah, brother Vikirnoff, Father Mulligan, MaryAnn Delaney, Velda, Inez, and even the vampire Pater to help tell this story was great, they are wonderful characters and I hope to have a few more stories that include some of them (Vikirnoff and MaryAnn especially).

Dec 30, 2008

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