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Book - Dark Demon

Dark Demon (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 16)… by Christine Feehan
The only thing keeping Vikirnoff Von Shrieder from seeking out the dawn (to end his existence) was the search for a specific psychic woman that had started in the US (Dark Destiny) and finally brought him back to his home in the Carpathian Mountains. The miracle of her being his lifemate brought on fear and terror first because his first site of Natalya Shonski was of her in battle with a vampire. Growing up, Natalya and her twin Razvan learned the art of magick and she knew of Carpathians, vampires and others and was taught to fear them all. Now this hunter wanted her and her need to protect him was just as strong too, even with her doubts about their compatibility.

Book 16 …..(***** 5) Fun - We met Vikirnoff in Dark Destiny and started to hear about Natalya (even though we didn’t know much about her back then). Then we met her briefly in Dark Secret and got to see more of him, now to get to the story for them. Natalya is a riot, she watched so much TV over the years that she actually nicknamed a vampire after Freddy Kruger. Her references to the old classic movies and TV shows (used to alleviate her nervousness and fear) had me laughing most of the way through this book. Vikirnoff was not what I expected, I was not sure I could take another cooking cutter Carpathian, after his emotions returned I expected the protectiveness and bossy attitude, but he had a wonderful sense of humor to be able to match wits with Natalya. The return to the Carpathian Mountains brought a familiar cave into more light and also allowed a touch with Mikhail, Raven, Falcon and Sara.
***** Bonus (in the book I have), in the back of the book, Ms. Feehan has added an appendix with information on the Carpathian language, their healing chants and a bit of history. It doesn’t change the stories at all, but it is kind of neat to have some of their native language in the book and the information too.

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