Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Dark Celebration

Dark Celebration: A Carpathian Reunion (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 17)… by Christine Feehan
It’s a Christmas party and all Carpathians, family and friends are invited to the Mountains that so many of them have not seen for many, many centuries. The gathering of so many hunters and their lifemates should be enough to keep any self preserving enemy away, but after several attacks on the women and a strange feeling in the area, some begin to wonder if this party was a good idea. The duty of the prince, Mikhail Dubrinsky is to ensure the survival of his kind, each male helps to see to the safety and happiness of the women and children and this party was what they needed. Quick thinking and strong, the warriors take on the attacks and the show goes on to the delight of the children and all of the adults.

Book 17 …..(*****5) A Carpathian Reunion it is. If you have not read every one of the previous 16 stories, you will not understand everything. The author note states that there is no hero or heroine of this book because there are too many strong characters, yes and no… Most of the characters are the heroes in this story. I really enjoyed finally ‘meeting’ Dimitri and Manolito and revisiting all the others, I know (from looking ahead) that Manolito gets his story next and the set-up for it is a bit obvious. Really enjoyed the humor that was interlaced throughout the story, Gregori will now live in my mind as a ’teddy bear’ and it would be fun to see how that (revenge) plays out. I liked the happy delivery, but the build up was so much better, I expected …well, more. Some of it might have been that the story seemed too short (ended on page 298, book has 393 pages), the plus side of that is the neat additions; not only a chapter of Predatory Game, but a section of ‘Deleted Scenes’ (which I can see why of them were taken out, but still fun to read them), also ‘Dark Desserts’ recipes sent in by Christine Feehans fans (I am eager to try a few), an appendix of healing chants, and an appendix of the Carpathian language. All those extras are fun but the story was a blast, thank you Ms. Feehan for finally agreeing to the reunion, even if it turned dark.

Jan 12, 2009

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