Friday, March 13, 2009

Book - A Bone to Pick

A Bone to Pick (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Book 2)… by Charlaine Harris
While leaving Jane Engle’s funeral, Aurora ‘Roe’ Teagarden was approached by Jane’s lawyer (Bubba Sewell) in order to inform her that Jane had left everything to her. With the inheritance of the money and the house, Roe decided to quick her job at the Library and was considering her option for what to do with the house. It may have been a lot of money, but she wondered if it would be enough to compensate her for dealing with the skull she found in the window seat while she was looking around the house.
*** Book 2 .…. Slow paced and not very suspenseful, just a very sweet mystery about a skull. Got to know Roe and Madeleine (the cat) better while Roe handled every things after inheriting the house. The mystery of the skull was good, but the clues were few and far between and then it was just over. I some how read these first 3 Aurora Teagarden books out of order, so I know that the previous (Real Murders) and the next (Three Bedrooms, One Corpse) are better. This one did tie up some questions I had in book 3 (that is what I get for reading a series out of order).
Mar 13, 2009

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