Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Bogus Bride

Bogus Bride (Harlequin Historicals, # 361) by Emily French
After waiting 10 years to hear from the man she loved, Caitlin Parr was eager to follow Samuel Jardine to America regardless of the fact that he mistakenly wrote her sisters name, Caitryn on the personal letter that accompanied the marriage proposal. Maine 1842 - Waiting on the docks for his soon to be bride, Sam was momentarily shocked to find that the wrong sister had accepted his offer. Making the best of the situation and not letting on that he had made a mistake, the marriage went forward, then he took his new wife to the lumbering camp.

*** The characters in this story where good, the story was good, the description of Maine’s forest and timber business was good, some of the writing was confusing though. Very repetitive on some points while other things seemed to get lost in the descriptions. This book was apparently named before it was written, while once or twice calling Caitlin a ‘Bogus Bride’ would have been ok, it didn’t stop at that. Also, ‘Bogus’ didn’t seem to fit, it was a misunderstanding, a mistake, and they made a few bad choices, but I would not consider it fake, the feelings were real for both of them, not intentionally deceitful. A decent historical romance, a few minor writing style quirks to overlook, but a good story in general.

Feb 7, 2009

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