Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Blood Red

Blood Red by Heather Graham
Always on the look out for one specific vampire, Mark Davidson came to New Orleans, he was not expecting to see a face from his past in the women he met new. Soon to be bride, Heidi Weiss with her friends Lauren Crow and Deanna Marin arrived in New Orleans for a long anticipated bachelorette weekend. Having grown up in the area, Lauren got the job of tour guide to her friends, including going to see a psychic (she picked Susan Beauvais). The image she had seen in the crystal ball scared both Lauren and Susan, but that dark image was just the beginning of the unbelievable occurrences that were about to happen to them all. After finding that her friends were in trouble, Lauren started to believe all the things that Mark was telling her, but was he telling her all he knew.

(**** 4) Enjoyed these characters, such a broad array of personalities to create this group of vampire hunters. Several surprises to Lauren, Mark and even a few for me. Some of the lesser characters may have or should have their own stories, I would like to have known more of Lieutenant Sean Canady and wife Maggie as well as Big Jim Dixon, Brian MacAllistair, Jessica Fraser, Lucian and the rest of the Alliance…… yeah, I found Sean Canady and Maggie’s story, Beneath a Blood Red Moon written under the name of Shannon Drake.

Jan 6, 2009

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