Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - Beguiled

Beguiled (Harlequin Historical, # 408) by Susan Spencer Paul
Being blackmailed into escorting the sister (Lady Lillian Walford) of one of the most elusive men of the ton (the Earl of Cardemore), Anthony Harbreas, the Earl of Graydon was surprised at finding her such a beauty. During their first encounter, he discovered the flaw that Cardemore and neglected to mention. Just wanting to see London and take part of one season, Lillian had no illusions about finding a man that would willingly take on a wife who would never be able to run his house or play hostess for him. As the season progressed, not only was Lord Graydon finding the charade difficult to hide, Lord Cardemore was discovering he had a few details of his own life that needed more attention.

****4 - London 1817 - My opinion, historicals are a coming home, they have always been my favorite genre of books. This one was no different. The honest misunderstanding are so easy with all that pride and arrogance of this time, but through in a language barrier and the confusion is expected. These characters have strength and honor, if a bit misguided in the execution, they are all sincere in there feelings and so easy to get. Really enjoyed the sign language addition (makes me wonder when it became more socially acceptable), and the fact that this was actually a romance of 4 couples, most prominently, Graydon and Lillian.

Feb 14, 2009

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