Friday, March 6, 2009

Book - And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree

And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree by Leslie Kelly
Finding the Christmas tree dead in the middle of the living room on the most important day of her life, Holly Cavanaugh had no other choice but to dash out and get another. Purchasing the biggest available, site unseen, she dragged it home set it up and cut the ties off of it only to have the body of a dead man fall out. When the reporter showed up on her front door step, she assumed it was the travel reporter her to do a story on the Bed and Breakfast, finding out it was her ex, the only man she truly ever loved was going to make it more difficult to keep him from finding the dead body. Zach Weldon just wanted to make sure that the person who got that tree was safe, he knew how the jewel thieves were, if they were interested in that tree, there was something in it that they would do anything to get back. It would be hard enough to face his ex know the danger she was in, but also knowing that she still thought the worst of him and didn’t trust him made him more determined than ever to prove to her that he was worth the time.

Cute, fast paced, funny in so many ways. The involvement of her grandparents with the ‘Weekend at Bernies’ act had me laughing out loud (and groaning in condolence with Zach). Had found this audio book and thought the title sounded funny, since it was a short story, I got it and now am glad I did. A great diversion from normal holiday STUFF, and a great reminder to live in the moment. I would be interested in finding more from this author, the combination of a tense situation and her comedic responses was well balanced and just plain fun.

Dec 22, 2008

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