Thursday, December 18, 2008

Childrens - When Wishes Were Horses

When Wishes Were Horses by Sharon Hart Addy
When Zeb 'wishes' he had a horse to help carry his sack of flour home, he got a surprise, a horse. The next time he made a wish, he got another horse, then another for everytime he said 'I wish' even if he never said what he really wished for. After the first couple, he could see this was going to be a problem, horses appearing in the general store, in his ma's kitchen, but would he be able wear out his wishes?

Fun story for anyone who always has a lot of wishes, the moral would be that too much of anything can be bad. This book has great pictures even for the youngest of the family, the loads of horses and 'old west' style cowboys make you want to read with a twang. There is a couple of words that may need to be explained to younger kids, like the types of horses and "discombobulating" is always fun to say especially when used with a name like Mrs. Vander Snooty. Mostly just a fun story. My youngest liked it when Zeb tried to wear out his wishes and got a bunch of horses that pawed the ground.

Aug 14, 2008

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