Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book - TailSpin

TailSpin (FBI Series) by Catherine Coulter
Finding herself in the lake tied to concrete was scary enough but when Rachael Janes Abbott also witnessed the crash landing of Special Agent Jackson Crowne, she found herself stuck in the middle of two sets of assassination plots. Jack was taking long time family friend somewhere safe when the plane blew up under them. He was able to land, kind of, and get to safety with Rachaels help. The attempt on her own life left her not trusting anyone, but could she take a chance and trust this man that literally fell out of the sky at her feet. Finding him to be FBI only made the decision more difficult.
Another wonderful Savich and Sherlock story, the character interaction is once again so great and the subtle growth of feeling between Jack and Rachael are fun too. Some of the story is predictable, but the motif and the ending are a bit of a surprise. The occasional name drop references to previous books are subtle but to some who have not read earlier in this series, it could be a bit annoying (the explanation of who everyone is isn't always there). As part of the series, this is a great addition, I would not suggest it as a stand alone book.

Aug 17, 2008

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