Sunday, December 28, 2008

Movie/TV - Rose Red (2002)

Based on Stephen King's Diary of Ellen Rimbauer
Psychology professor Dr. Joyce Reardon takes a group of psychics to a supposedly dormant haunted mansion (Rose Red). During the coarse of the holiday weekend, they learn several stories about the people who have gone missing or have died in the house. The house not only wakes up with the presence of the psychics, it begins to thrive and grow again leaving the group lost in the ever changing myriad of rooms and hallways in the mansion. The problem is that the house doesn't want Dr. Reardon to get the proof she wants, the electrical problems as well as stuck doors and widows start to take its toll on the group leaving some lost, some missing and some dead.

Very long (254 min), but very worth it. 2002 made for TV movie (considered a mini-series, rated PG-13). A suspense filled psychological thriller (don‘t know if I would call it a Horror). Heart pounding at every twist, the characters are so different from each other and they all have special gifts that plays a part in the reason they are in the house, the surprise is the good Dr. Reardon and her reaction near the end. Really enjoyed the atmosphere of the house, the rooms are great especially the office and the library. There is one or two moments that the acting is a bit distracting (Emery and his mom) and the special effects were good but not great.

Oct 19, 2008

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