Thursday, December 18, 2008

Movie - The Nines

This movie has a way of arousing the curiosity of creation and gives a facinating theory of life on this planet. In showing an actor, a television show writer, and a videogame designer, we see the mystery of their connection unfold.
Ryan Reynolds and Melissa McCarthy have very interesting and entwined charecters, the acting is wonderful and the story lines are compelling. Their interaction with Hope Davis and Elle Fanning are a wonderful mix. The movie comes across as 3 stories that at the end are shown to be just one.
Unfortunately, I found myself lost on several occassions and not sure of what I was suppose to be seeing and feeling about the charecters. This movie was written in a way that seems to put a lot of the creativity on the part of the audience and not in the story itself. It is a real thinker of a movie, making you ponder the very ideas of who we are and who we know. Maybe that was the whole point.

March 1, 2008

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