Thursday, December 18, 2008

Movie - Little Vampire

Living in Scotland is difficult for Tony Thompson (Jonathan Lipnicki) because he has been having dreams about vampires, that is when he can sleep. At school the kids all tease and torment him while the teacher thinks he is a silly American telling stories. One night more than just a dream of a vampire appears in his room. A young, nice vampire (Rudolph) flies in seeking shelter from a vampire hunter, only to find Tony is a human. There is a 'friendship' formed and Tony decides to help Rudolph and his family find a something that had been stolen from them 300years ago. It has been said, that this gem may give Rudolph and his entire family the chance to become human again.
Rated PG, this is really for the younger set (ages 6-12), the setting is beautiful and the story line is cute and the scare factor is very low. The basic consept of a vampire is the same as the 'Van Helsing' type, but made for kids, the main characters do not drink human blood, they sustain themselves on cow blood and then the cows get turned and then fly. Kind of a funny version of the often times scarry movie. Definately meant for the young and young at heart.

Aug 16, 2008

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