Sunday, December 28, 2008

Movie - Lady in White (1988)

A Halloween prank in 1962, leaves Frankie Scarlatti (Lukas Haas) trapped in the schools cloak room, only to witness a ghost murder of a little girl. As the door opens and a man enters, Frankie fears for his life. Now that he knows about the ghost, Melissa (Joelle Jacobi), and that she is looking for her mom (Karen Powell), he starts trying to figure out who killed her, ten other children, and almost him. He is sure the legendary Lady in White must be Melissa’s mother, she is known to haunt the cliffs around the area the dead children were found. Frankie’s brother, Geno (Jason Presson) has always liked scarring Frankie until he realizes that Frankie has found a bit of information that will identify the killer. Following the ghost of Melissa to the cliffs, Frankie discovers who the lady in white is, and what Melissa and her mothers final moments were like.

This movie has been with me for a long time and I finally had to rent it. This is a movie made in 1988 so the tricks of filming are obvious (not great) and the use of foul language and some of the antic by the kids are more than I remember, but the story is timeless. Not just a ghost, but one that is murdered every night at 10pm, it is a good Halloween story. So many of the characters looked so familiar to me, Amanda (Katherine Helmond) Donald (Jared Rushton), and the dad (Alex Rocco). This is rated PG-13 and because of prejudice, language and violence, I would agree, at least 13 or up. I remember why this movie has always stuck in my mind, it is a mystery, it is scary, it is sad, and it is funny.

I love the older music and this song (in my opinion) wraps up the whole feeling of the movie. ...... “Something very strange and mystic happened to me, something realistic and as weird as can be, something that I feared some how is now endeared to me, what a funny feeling odd and yet so true, did a thing like this ever happen to you? Have you ever seen a dream walking, well I have. Did you ever hear a dream talking, well I did, did you ever have a dream thrill you with will you be mine……….” “Did You Ever See a Dream Walking” by Harry Revel & Mark Gordon, Performed by Bing Crosby

Nov 16, 2008

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