Thursday, December 18, 2008

Movie - Invasion

In Washington a psychiatrist (Nicole Kidman) tries to unearths the origin of an epidemic, she also discovers her son might be one of the only ones that can stop it. Racing for the safety of her child, and her own health, she teams up with her best friend (Daniel Craig) to reach a safe military facility that has gathered some of the greatest minds in the world to help with this virus.
There are chases and fantastic stunt scenes, the acting is good but the mode of transmission from one person to another is a bit gross. I felt that if they didn't go after the alien aspect much, it was a far cry from any other invasion type movie I have ever seen.

I would consider this more of a disaster film like 'Outbreak', or 'Virus' which I really enjoyed both of also. I would say this is a mild invasion for those who like the Horror type movies, but it is a resonably good suspense/thriller with a few 'body snatcher' chases.

March 14, 2008

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