Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book - Moon Shadows

Moon Shadows by Nora Roberts
This book actually has 4 stories in it, I have decided to review each one (briefly).

Wolf Moon by Nora Roberts While backpacking her way through Italy, Simone had a life altering event. She started trying to find a solution, while living in a small town in Maine, with her loyal and well trained dog, Amico. After meeting the new town veterinarian, Gabe Kirby, she now has more than one reason to complete her search.
*****(5stars) Really wonderful story, makes you hope for that kind of true love. Refreshing point of view, fun, funny and very fast paced. Almost too fast paced, I would have loved this one to be longer.

Moon Witch by Jill Gregory Gwynna of Callemore, novice moon with, knew the only hope for her sister Queen Lise was to go to the Valley of the Org and destroy the evil sorceress Ondrea. In her quest, she asked for information from Duke Keir of Blackthorne, the only person ever know to have returned from the Valley of Org.
****(4stars) This is a very intense story with a lot going on at one time, the magic of the moon witch, the despair of the valley, and the uncertainty of how or what to do to accomplish the goals. I wish this story could have had more details added, the character interaction is wonderful and empowering.

Blood on the Moon by Ruth Ryan Langan With all of the Highlanders in fear of the approaching Laird Reginald Rothwicks warriors, Alana Lamont was not sure what to do with her band of orphaned women and children. Maybe with the Dark Angel in their forest they had a chance. Could just one man make the difference in their survival and their lives, against such a ruthless force.
*****(5stars) Ruth Ryan Langan never fails to create a collection of characters that touch the heart and take you to a time of mystery and strength. This was a heart wrenching and heart warming story that could have been drawn out to a full book on its own.

West of the Moon by Marianne Willman Phoebe Sutton knew she had a place at Thorne Court. Finally arriving, Phoebe discovered that Lord Thornwood had recently passed and his nephew, Gordon Tremaine was the new Lord. Feelings from a time that Phoebe and Gordon had nearly been engaged tangled in with Gordon’s cursed life. The Kingdom of Faeries, had Gordon now and though he tried to keep Phoebe away and safe, she may be able to help him escape the curse of the last seven years.
****(4stars) Rich descriptions of the Faeries world. Really great characters if only the story was longer to really get to know them. Once the scene was set, it was over. A good story that could be made great, it just went by too quick.

This is a great book, all of these stories are wonderful, this review is written as a result of reading it for the 3rd time.

Aug 21, 2008

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