Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book - God on a Harley

God on a Harley by Joan Brady
God on a Harley by Joan Brady Christine Moore, a surgical trauma nurse nearing burn out, returns to New Jersey and to her long ago job. Believing that she has finally gotten over a bad relationship with one of the staff doctors, she braves running into him again. After the fateful encounter, Christine decides to go out for a drink and runs into Joe. Joe is only there to help her understand how to best live her life. For Christine, there are only 6 commandments and she seems to be a very quick learner.

Very inspirational, not in a religious way that the title might imply. Everyone needs someone who believes in them and their right to be happy and content with their life. The life lessons in this book can be applied to anyone while the ideas, concepts and hopes can be a part of everyone. Joe gives another option for believing in God. This book encourages and enlightens without preaching with simple and light humor. This is a small book, a very quick and easy read with long lasting effects to anyone who takes it to heart. For some, the definition of 5 star rating is if you would re-read a book...... I re-read this book every summer.

Aug 23, 2008

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