Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book - Double Take

Double Take: An FBI Thriller (FBI Series) by Catherine Coulter
This is a continuing story of Sheriff Dixon Noble and Agent Ruth Warnecki. Dix father in law receives an interesting call from a friend that says after three years of looking, he saw the sheriffs wife in San Francisco. Dix knows he has to find the truth before he can move on with Ruth. Judge Sherlock houses Dix and helps to connect him with women he came to see. Savich and Sherlock also end up with a case in San Francisco involving a psychics widow, Julia Ransom, who seems to have a professional assassin after her. Luckily Special Agent Cheney Stone seems to be in the right place at the right time. These two cases seem to have more than just the city in common, several of the same people are associated with both investigations, Savich and Sherlock don't think it's a coincident.

The completion of the character of Dixon Noble is great to see, Ruth is lower keyed and easier to handle aslo. Julia and Cheney are so natural together, it almost takes you by surprise to see how quickly things have happened. It is easy to forget this is all suppose to have happened in about a week. As usual, Savich and Sherlock are the loving dual and the ending is a beautiful thing, for the car lover in everyone. This is definitely a series book, there are many references to other places and people, you really do need to read several of the previous books to get all of what is going on. Especially Point Blank, but there is minor references to people in Blow Out, Eleventh Hour, Hemlock Bay and The Edge.

Aug 14, 2008

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