Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book - A Cloak for the Dreamer

A Cloak For The Dreamer (Brainy Day Books) by Aileen Friedman
The town tailor had three sons, Ivan the oldest wanted to be a tailor just like his father and work side by side with him. Alex the middle son wanted to work as a tailor with his father also. The youngest, Misha was different, he spent his day looking over maps and dreaming of far away places and lands that he would like to go see. One day, the tailor had an order so big he did not think he could fill it alone so he told each of his three sons to make a cloak for the Archduke and to show their work to him. They each fulfilled this task, Ivan used rectangles, Alex used squares and triangles, while Misha used circles, making it unusable because of all the wholes. Proud of all three of the boys, the tailor praised each for their work and pointed out that Misha’s would not make a very good cloak but that it was obviously time for his youngest son to travel the world. While Misha slept, the tailor and his two older sons took Mishas cloak of circles and transformed it to a cloak of hexagons for Misha to wear on his travels.
Cute story, Misha shows determination, he does not enjoy the work like his brothers do and yet he does his best for his father. The tailor is a kind man and understands the sacrifices that Misha is making and wants his young son to be happy, so he lets him go with a special cloak that has been fashioned with love and is now useable. The kids enjoyed me reading this story to them, they liked seeing the pictures of the colorful cloaks the boys made and seeing the father understand that it was harder for Misha than it was for his brothers to do the work at the tailors shop. They found it sad that the younger brother left, but was happy he was leaving to do what he wanted. Great pictures, good story, the back of the book has learning ideas about shapes, math, and other activities to help reinforce some of the subtle learning concepts of this book.

Aug 24, 2008

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